White Label is a term for software or applications that are designed for use by multiple companies. The software can be branded as a product by a white label company. This software could be a web-based application or a desktop application. 

Same is the case with a white label antivirus. There are companies which offer antivirus softwares that are not branded. The white label companies then buy these unbranded antiviruses. Later on, they put their brand name on it and offer it as their in-house product. 

Some of the advantages of white label antivirus are:

  • Boosting the visibility of the brand.
  • Strengthening the loyalty of clients.
  • Helping you to take advantage of expert work.
  • Giving your brand a refined product.
  • Saving your time and money.
  • It is like having an in-house developer for lower cost.

Though there are many advantages of white label softwares there are also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it offers less control over specific features. Moreover, the updates can be challenging to integrate into reporting and analytics.

However, the advantages outweigh the dis-advantages. Companies and organisations choose to use white label antivirus softwares because:

  • It helps the companies to expand their product offerings. 
  • The expanded offerings of a company builds its credibility.
  • It helps the companies in strengthening customer loyalty.
  • The companies can reduce the time of production and can launch faster.
  • It helps them to reduce short term costs.
  • It lowers the risk.
White Label Antivirus

White labelling is one of the most efficient ways to build your portfolio. As we know, design, implementation, testing, and roll out of the antivirus software requires a lot of planning and time. The white label antivirus software can help in reducing time and money required in building  the software from the ground up. Moreover, businesses can usually get functioning and tested white label software with a lot less capital investment.

A general overview of How white-labelling works.

Find the vendor which suits you the best.

After deciding the direction your company is going to take, you can get a white label product. But you will also need to research to see the vendors who offer white label products for you. 

Test the product.

It is important to test the white label software that you will be giving to the customers. Testing helps you to know the capability of the software that you are offering as your own. You don’t want to spoil your brand name by reselling faulty software. 

Pay licensing fees

After testing and trying the white label antivirus, you need to pay the licensing fees. This is important to avoid future altercations with laws.

Adjust logos and trademarks

After the agreement with the vendor and paying the licence fees, you can customise the software with your own design and colours to match your brand. This is very crucial, but other things, like changing the font and its size, will also help you customise the product.

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