What is a chat bot?

It is a computer application that is used to conduct online conversations through text or text-to-speech. This software processes human conversation whether written or spoken. It allows interaction through digital services. They can be as simple as rudimentary programs or as sophisticated as digital assistants. There is a difference between the two because rudimentary programs answer a simple query. Whereas digital assistants learn and evolve to deliver increasing levels of personalization.

Working with chatbots

After we got to know what is a chat bot we must know how a chatbot works. It is driven by AI, automated rules, natural-language processing, and machine learning. 

Two types of chatbots.

  1. Task-oriented chatbots: These are single-purpose programs. They focus on performing one function. These chatbots make interactions highly specific. Automated conversational responses are generated through these types of chatbots. They are mostly applicable to support and service functions. 
  2. Data-driven and predictive chatbots: These are referred to as digital assistants. They are more sophisticated and personalized. They apply predictive intelligence and enable personalization based on user profiles. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are examples of these types of chatbots. 

How valuable is a chatbot for businesses and customers?

Chatbots increase efficiency and reduces cost and it offers convenience to employees and customers. When a business relies on human power it can serve a limited number of people. This results in poor service. Using chatbots a business can scale and be proactive at the same time.

It allows businesses to engage in personal ways with an unlimited number of people. A business can provide human-like service to millions of people. So when a business gets to know what is a chat bot and its values , then it can use its potential.

What is a chat bot

Creating chat bots.

Society is transforming into a “mobile-first” population and messaging applications keep on growing day by day. These chatbots play an important role in this transformation and therefore companies create FAQs and troubleshooting guides. They have become popular as a time and money saver. They are also convenient for customers. Many tools are available that allow us to create a chatbot.

These tools are oriented toward business and customers. The process of creating a chatbot is similar to creating a mobile application. A user can use the tools to create a chatbot in an hour.  So what is a chat bot for businesses and customers? When created it acts as a bridge between the business and the customer. It helps in solving customer queries and saves the expense of human representatives for business. 

Uses of chat bot.

If software serves the needs of businesses and is convenient for customers then it becomes successful. Similarly, chatbots have many uses.

  1. The use of chatbots is to improve IT service management.
  2. On the business side, we commonly use chatbots in customer contact centers.
  3. They are used for internal purposes, for example, onboarding new employees.
  4. On the consumer side, they perform a wide range of customer services.
  5. Many public sector functions are enabled by chatbots. 

Therefore chatbots are very useful and they have great functionality. Because what is a chat bot and why should one use it if it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Future of chatbots.

Many people still might not know what is a chat bot and even they might have not heard of this term. As the AI sector is developing and growing at a very good pace so in the future chat bots will be used to further enhance human capabilities. 

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