Everyone these days would have watched a science fiction movie based on Artificial Intelligence. We enjoy how helpful AI can be. For example, as seen in the Iron Man movie. The Artificial Intelligence known as Jarvis can control everything. Moreover, Jarvis is like an assistant to Iron Man. We may not be as advanced as Iron Man but we do have artificial intelligence working for us. Here we will discuss some of the common examples of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life. Let’s take a look at how Artificial Intelligence is present in our life. 

Here are some of the common examples of Artificial Intelligence:

Face Detection and Recognition

The first in the common examples of Artificial Intelligence is the popular face detection and recognition applications.

Virtual filters and using face ID for unlocking need artificial intelligence. Applying virtual filters uses face detection technology. AI looks for any human face, to apply the filters. The filter activates as soon as the AI detects that a human face is present. Face ID uses face recognition. It uses Artificial Intelligence to identify a specific face which was used while setting up the Face ID. Moreover, different government facilities and airports use Facial recognition for security and surveillance.

Examples of artificial intelligence


The second on the list of common examples of Artificial Intelligence are chatbots. Artificial Intelligence allows machines to answer FAQs. It can also take and track orders, and direct calls to required channels. Chatbot acts as an answering machine that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide answers. Chatbots copy the talking styles of customer representatives using natural language processing (NLP). Nowadays, chatbots don’t need specific formats of inputs, for example, yes/no questions. Chatbots can answer complex questions which need detailed responses. Furthermore, if a bad rating is given for any response, the bot will identify the mistake in the response. The chatbot corrects it for next time, ensuring the largest customer satisfaction.

Text Editing or Autocorrect feature

Coming to our third in the list of common examples of Artificial Intelligence are the autocorrect features. 

AI algorithms use machine learning, deep learning, and NLP to find incorrect language. Then they suggest corrections in word processors, texting apps, and other written mediums. Linguists and computer scientists work together to teach machines grammar. Moreover, AI learns through high-quality language data. This allows the editor to catch the errors when you use a comma incorrectly.

Voice Assistants

The last contestant of our common examples of Artificial Intelligence is Voice Assistants. They are the best AI examples in real life. Some of the voice assistants are Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. They take questions via voice. Then they process it using the Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing systems. Finally, they give results via speech or text. The AI that powers these smart digital assistants enables them to manage our digital lives. Moreover, they help us with a variety of tasks.

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