Some users hope that they can control Outlook’s sending feature, namely prevent emails from being sent out directly. Let’s figure out why outlook is not sending emails directly When they click on the send button. In this composition, we will introduce 5 approaches.

At times, after you click the “send“button, something of value differently comes to your mind. For illustration, you want to add a fresh attachment. Or you wish to say in different words the dispatch, and so on. All by each, in almost the same cases, you’ll ask that Outlook is not sending emails directly or automatically. When you click the send button. However, read on to learn the following 5 means, If you often have the conditions. You can choose one as per your true needed things.

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5 Methods to Configure outlook is not sending emails Directly

Method 1:  Run Outlook in Offline Mode

Still, making outlook work offline must be a beautiful choice.  If you also need not or outlook is not sending emails do not want to admit any emails. You can switch to the send and Admit tab and click on the “Work Offline” button. After that, you will see the “Working Offline ” characters on the bottom status bar.

Method 2:  Deselect “send in an uncontrolled way when connected”

Still, this way will be a better choice, If you would like to admit emails as usual and commonly and regular. But keep outlook is not sending emails moving from one place to another email according to the listed send admit period of time. It is rather of as soon as connected.

Method 3:  Delay Delivery of the Current Dispatch

Still, you can use detention its delivery, that is grant a list moving from one place to another time to it. If you just want to help the current dispatch from being moved from one place to another out. Outlook is not sending emails when you click the” send” button. In the open communication window, turn to the “Options ” tab and click on the” Delay Delivery ” button. Next in the popup “Properties” dialog box, you can set a particular time in the” Don’t deliver before ” field.

Method 4:  delay Delivery of All or Specific Emails via Rule

Handed that you wish to configure Outlook is not sending emails to automatically delay delivery of all. It is clearly stated and in particular emails, you can make use of Outlook rules.

  1. For a launch, click the “Rules ” button under the ” Home ” tab and select ” Manage Rules & cautions “.
  2. In the rear end and away from the head. “Rules and cautions ” and dialog box. Then click the New Rule button.
  3. Also, choose to apply the rule on messages I send and hit Next.
  4. Next, if you ask to delay outlook is not sending emails ‘ delivery, ignore the needed condition settings to click the ” coming ” button directly. But if you want to specify the emails, elect the condition as per your needed things.
  5. After that, in the “Select actions” section, you can find and select “delay delivery by some twinkles “. Click on the “some ” link in the Step 2 box and also specify the concrete number in nanoseconds.
  6. Eventually, you can complete the rule as usual.

Method 5:  Disable Automatic moving from one place to another in send and Admit Settings

Still, you can change the send admit settings, If you only hope to admit your dispatch automatically but send emails when you need. Follow the way below

  1. To start with, go to the ” send and Admit ” tab and hit the ” send and Admit Groups ” button. From the drop-down list, select ” Define send and Admit Groups “.
  2. Also, click ” Edit “. In the new dialog box, select the account and disable ” send back-and-forth writing item “.
  3. Next click ” OK ” to save changes and also click ” New ” in the ” send and Admit Groups ” dialog box. Name the new group as sending Only.
  4. After that, you can edit the ” send Only ” group. Enable the source account and insure ” send back-and-forth writing item ” is named. Click “OK ” starting to happen.
  5. Lately, disable the ” close “. From now on, Outlook will be good to send emails only when you click the ” send and Admit ” button rather than the ” send” button.

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