Outlook Email Support

Outlook Email support

Outlook Email Support

Many people rely on Outlook for their day-to-day activities. But constantly having issues with the software can be frustrating. Fortunately, many of the common Outlook problems are quite easy to resolve. Check out our Outlook email support solutions

  • No more mailbox space
  • Outlook crashes or freezes on opening
  • Unable to recover deleted mail
  • The search function is not working
  • Tampered view settings
  • Cannot open outlook window

Best Outlook Email Support

Outlook is like any other application. While it’s popular, it is not a perfect email tool. There are many common issues that users face that can spoil their experience while using it. We at Quantumspace have compiled the most common Outlook issues and how to solve them.

No More Mailbox Space

Originally, most mailboxes in Outlook come with a 50GB maximum size. If the size of the mailbox reaches its allowed limit. Outlook and all mail-related functions will slow down and finally stop working.

Outlook Email support
Outlook Email support

Clean Up The Mailbox

There are many ways to clean up the mailbox. However, the best Outlook email support way is to manually delete all emails that are not needed. Then empty the trash. To delete the items in the trash can, right-click on it. And click on “Empty Folder”. After manually sorting through the mail, it is advised to run an archive. An archive will accept all emails older than the date that you selected. And move them into their own file, where they will not add to the mail quantity. You are still able to access these emails, but they will just be in a separate file. Doing this will keep any items that you don’t need at the moment, but also don’t want to delete. 

Run an Archive.

  • In Outlook, click on the “File” menu in the top left. Click on “Tools”. Then select “Clean Up Old Items”.
  • Clicking this will open the archive menu. Select the items that you want to include in this archive task, then select a date. Every mail item before the selected date will be archived.
  • Once you have selected your options, click “OK”. You will see Outlook has an archiving status on the bottom right of the pane.
  • When the archive finishes, it will appear as a different mailbox on the left-hand side. 
  • You can add other data files or archive files too. Or check on the files you have added, by clicking on “File > Account Settings > Account Settings”

After finishing this Outlook email support step, you might see that the mailbox size is not decreasing. In some settings, the size won’t change. Until you rebuild the profile and re-sync it.

Outlook Email support

Rebuild the Outlook Profile

  • First, open the Windows Control Panel, then click on the “Mail” option. Once that’s open, select “Show Profiles”.
  • Next, click on “Add” on the page that shows. And name the profile.
  • On the following page enter the user’s information
  • Once you have the correct information, you should see checkmarks. Also, a message telling you that your profile is now created.
  • Go back to the mail profiles page. Ensure that the new profile is made the default when opening Outlook.

Unable To Recover Deleted Mail

Sometimes when you delete a mail by mistake, you would try to find it. With our Outlook email support services, you are in luck. Even if you delete something, and then empty your deleted items folder. You still have up to 30 days to get it back. Here’s how:

  • The first condition is that your mailbox is saveable. If you see an item named “Deleted Items”, that means you can recover your messages. If the item’s name is “Trash”, then you cannot recover any emails from there.
  • Click on the “Deleted Items” folder. And then click on “Recover Deleted Items From Server” at the top of the pane.
  • A new window will show that will have a list of items that you can retrieve. Select the items you want to recover, then select “OK”. The program will move these items back into the “Deleted Items” folder. And then you can transfer them to any other folder in your mailbox.
Outlook Email support

The Search Function Is Not Working

Sometimes a user will try to use the search function in Outlook. It either shows incomplete results or nothing at all. Even if you can view the email. A lot of times, the cause is a corrupted search index, which can be rebuilt. This usually takes a while, and it’s usually best done after the user has left for the day. Try these outlook email support steps:

  • Open “Indexing Options” from your Start Menu.
  • Click “Advanced” then “Rebuild”.

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