Outlook crashes or freezes on opening  are some common manual techniques or some post-crash methods that can help your region your outlook access. Moreover, you can solve the issue quickly in this section. We will now carefully review each one of them.

Sometimes it is all about updating your software. Recent upgrades include Functions that might be helpful. Moreover, it is very good and also right if you are receiving errors while accessing a particular mailbox item. 

If outlook keeps crashing, and you have about it, read this article to find the most frequent causes of Outlook crashes. Furthermore, there solutions of outlook crashes or freezes on opening.

What will expect if your outlook is crashed

  • It stops responding or hangs
  • Outlook does won’t work at all when you start it 
  • Disappears without a warning while you are using the app
  • Out of nowhere appears a message- Something went wrong

Major reasons behind outlook crashing

  • Corrupted PST files
  •  MS office profile
  • Data Item/ damaged data files is Corrupted
  • Corrupted Outlook Messages
  • Virus or Malware infection in software
  • Hardware issue

How to recognize and solve if your Outlook is Crashed

Through Microsoft Support

Microsoft Outlook is amongst the most popular email clients across the globe used by many for personal or professional emailing. Moreover, all these features are use for popular email users come across an unusual problem. When Outlook keeps crashing itself debarring them from sending an email or reading an attachment. Moreover, thing that clicks in mind , the problem could have occurred due to an outdated emailing app. However, bugs in the software, that is right sometimes, but not always. There could be several reasons why outlook keeps closing itself or crashes on startup.

Outlook crashes or freezes on opening

Outlook crashes or freezes on opening is not responding:

Microsoft Outlook is the most used Email client program. Moreover,  you may also use MS Outlook for composing, sending, receiving, and managing one or more email accounts. But sometimes users report Outlook not responding, being stuck at Processing freezes or hangs while opening a file or sending an email message. 

There are some possible reasons for Outlook to behave this way such as you do not have installed the latest window/office updates on your PC. Outlook is in use by another process. However, the program starts freezing not responding if it is loading external content such as images in an email message. Moreover, previously installed add-in is interfering with Outlook.

Causes for Outlook crashes or freezes on opening

It is used simultaneously by another process. 

  • Your computer is infected. Mailboxes are too big. There are problems with Office programs.
  • Your user profile has become corrupted.
  • Solutions when Outlook crashes or freezes on opening
  • Install the latest updates and patches
  • Check the system requirements
  • Repair Outlook

You can repair Outlook to prevent such freezes. But you can only do it for the entries Office Suite.

  • Close all the Office programs.
  • Select the “Online Repair” radio button.
  • Click the “Repair” button.
  • Repair Outlook
  • Look for other processes
  • Repair corrupted Outlook Data Files
  • Check your antivirus software
  • Reduce your mailbox size
  • Do a clean boot

 Probably, this article will clear-up your Outlook Crashes Or Freezes on Opening problem.

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