Microsoft Outlook cannot Start is one of the most popular dispatch guests for business purposes. still, Outlook druggies get wedged and face unanticipated crimes. Out of which one similar error is “ Can not Start Microsoft Outlook. Can not Open The Outlook Window ” due to this error druggies are unfit to start Microsoft Outlook. thus, in the forthcoming section, we’re going to bandy different ways to resolve this Outlook error. Before that, first, let us know the reasons behind the circumstance of this error.

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Reasons Behind Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

There are colorful reasons due to which druggies have to resolve them efficiently. One of the major reasons behind the Microsoft Outlook cannot Start circumstance of this error is data Corruption. It simply means a train has come spoiled and its size has turned down to 0 KB. Indeed nothing knows the reason when those effects will be, but all Outlook performances may be affected.

Also, when druggies try to start MS Outlook in the comity mode, or if make a profile in an aged edition of MS Outlook, or if Outlook data lines(. pst or. ost) can be corrupted due to wrong installation or reinstallation of MS Outlook also, the error communication will prompt. hereafter, there’s a need for the most effective results that help to fix this Outlook error.

Different Measures to Fix This Error

The stoner always attempts to fix the “ Can not Start Microsoft Outlook Cannot start. Open The Outlook Window ” error incontinently after knowing all its consequences. For the same, they must follow the given way

Measure 1 Recover Navigation Pane Settings

In numerous circumstances, the spoiled Navigation Pane configuration train Microsoft Outlook cannot Start preserves MS Outlook from the morning. So, you have to follow below

1. Click on the launch button.
2. Now, enter the following command inside the hunt box ’outlook.exe/ resetnavpane

3. Go to the Enter crucial or choose the particular train in order to reset the Navigation Panel and next, open the Outlook operation .

Cancel Navigation Pane Configuration train

still, and also, tries to remove the XML train( because occasionally Microsoft outlook can not start due to invalid XML) Microsoft Outlook cannot Start that can save the Navigation panel setting, If you were unfit to restore the Navigation pane setting train which has handed by Microsoft. Then are some of the mentioned way .

  1. For Win 7 or Win 8 druggies, type the following command inside the hunt field appdata Microsoft Outlook .
  2. Now, the brochure can be opened where MS Outlook configuration lines have been stored. Find and excludeOutlook.xml train

Measure 2 Turn off the Mode in MS Outlook

When it comes to comity settings in Outlook let us follow the below set of instructions

1. Click on the launch button and also, enteroutlook.exe inside the hunt field

2. Now, rightclicking onOutlook.exe and also, elect an option Properties

3. Also, switch towards the comity tab and be sure to abolish this checkbox ‘ Run this program in comity mode for ’

4. Next, click the OK button and try to start MS Outlook

still, still, you’re unfit to open the Outlook window and the same communication will appear like this “ Can not Start Microsoft Outlook. Can not Open The Outlook Window ” also, try to recapture the aged interpretation of MS Outlook. In any situation, some dispatch dispatches and movables may get lost, but it seems a good volition to other being performances of Outlook. So, right– click on theOutlook.pst train and elect the option Restore former performances.

Measure 3 Make a New Outlook Profile

still, druggies can produce a new profile of Microsoft Outlook cannot Start to resolve this problem, If the belowmentioned approaches would not work wellthen.However, also druggies can make a dupe of the rearmost Outlook data lines( PST or OST) from the broken dispatch profile to the recently created one, If it works great.

1. First of all, go to the Control Panel, elect the Correspondence option, and click on the Data lines. also, choose Add button.

  1. In the Account setting box, choose the Data lines tab and elect a new profile. subsequently, click on the Set as dereliction button.
    3. After executing this, a crack mark will appear on the left pane of the recently created profile.
  2. Now, try to start the Microsoft Outlook cannot Start operation and if it arises with the recently created account, copy the asked data from the old Outlook PST train as covered in the coming step.5. ultimately, you can open the MS Outlook correspondence customer but be sure that the PST train is new. Perform similar way to copy all particulars from an old PST train.
  3. a) elect train menu, hit on Open, and choose the Import optionb) also, choose an option Import from another program of train and press Coming
    c) Now, elect Outlook PST train and also, click on the Coming buttond) After that, elect the Browse button and choose former. pstfiles.However, also it’s likely Outlook, If druggies have just one Outlook profile and noway brand the PSTfile.pst
    e) In the end, choose the Coming button and also, finish to complete the conversion process.



If druggies may encounter this communication “Microsoft Outlook cannot Start. Cannot Open. The Outlook Window ” also, they’re going to be in big trouble. Due to this error, it becomes veritably delicate to pierce the PST train in MS Outlook. thus, in this blog, we’ve bandied different approaches to fix the “ unfit to start Microsoft Outlook ” error.

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