Why is email not received in outlook,  Microsoft’s Outlook is among the most secure email servers & management apps available. It goes without saying that it is extremely popular due to the consistent and effective service it provides. However, there are many times when users have unwelcome complications with their Outlook account. One of these issues, for example, is Why email not received in outlook, which can be caused by a multitude of circumstances. We’ll go through what triggers this issue and how to cure Why email not received in outlook in several methods in this article.

Why is email not received in outlook?

When using Outlook, Users Frequently realize that they are unable to receive emails delivered by others then this issue happens Why email not received in outlook. Before we look at how to solve 365 and why email not received in outlook, Let’s have a look at what might have triggered the problem in the first place.

  • There might be an issue affecting your computer’s data connection.
  • A system component (such as a firewall) may be preventing mail from arriving.
  • Instead of being stored in the main inbox, the emails could be sent to the spam folder.
  • It’s possible that you typed incorrect username and password or configuration information.
  • It’s possible that Outlook’s server or email client is down.
  • This Issue might have been induced by an outlook plugin.
  • Malware on the PC may have affected Outlook data.
Email not received

How to fix Why email not received in outlook but Sending them? 

As users can see, there are numerous reasons why emails were not received in the outlook of users 2016 as well as any other version. There are several solutions for various issues. 

Here are 12 solutions to the problem of “Why email not received in outlook .” Go on then see the list below.

 1. Check the Junk Folder

Make sure to check the junk file in Outlook before taking any key Interventions. It’s possible that you receive the email, However, Outlook tagged it as junk. Simply open the email, navigate to Action > Junk Email, and mark the message as non-junk. This would relocate the email to your mailbox and ensure that the same activity is not repeated for that email address.

2. Check the Outlook Service and Internet Connection.

It’s possible that there’s an issue with the system’s connection to the internet. As a result, users can restart their System and ensure that it is linked to a secure network. Outlook’s service may also be unavailable right now. Check the current status of Outlook Service on the Services Status page. If the icon is red, It signifies Outlook is now Unavailable.  

3. Check if the inbox is Full.

However, if the inbox is filled and there isn’t enough free space and then the problem occurs why email not received in outlook, Then Outlook will stop receiving emails, To resolve this issue, Just delete any undesirable emails from the Junk, Inbox, and any other folder. You can also use Outlook’s sweep tool to have Outdated emails from the sender manually deleted.

4. Transfer Emails to a Different Folder

Likely to focus and some others are the default folders in the New Outlook inbox versions. In the Driven folder, it manually highlights the critical emails. Check another folder if you think 2016 isn’t receiving emails. Some emails may have usually ended up in the other folder. Then simply select them, go to the “Move” function, and select “Focus Folder”. So User can also select to shift emails from such sender to the focused folder on a regular basis.

5. Reset the Inbox filter 

Outlook allows users to apply several criteria on the Inbox to find things simpler for us to organize our emails. However, It’s possible that you previously set a filter on Inbox and are now forgetting about it. Simply got to your Outlook inbox filters and eliminate any unnecessary options here to fix Outlook 2007/2010/2016 not getting emails.

Then, move to the folder > Sort by and select Date as the sorting option. As a result, you’ll be alone to see all of the latest emails that the filter may have prevented.

6. Check the Blocked Users List       

Users will not be able to obtain an email from that user. Whether users have added them to outlook’s Blacklisted users. They sometimes add someone else to the block list and afterward forget about them. However, simply go over to Outlook’s options > Email > Junk Email to get out of this situation. This will show a list of all the other email addresses that someone has blocked. To eliminate someone from the blocked user profile, click the next delete button.

7. Get Rid Of Outlook Rules       

One of the most useful features of Outlook is the ability to set strict rules for both sending and receiving messages. However, if users have any severe constraints in place, it may result in, why email not received in Outlook. To resolve this, go over to Outlook’s Settings > Email > Rules and delete an existing rule by clicking the trash symbol.

8. Clear Multiple Connected Accounts

Outlook allows us to connect up to 20 email accounts with one location by default. However, if you have numerous accounts, it is possible that certain emails will be blocked, resulting in why email not received in outlook problems. The list of link accounts can be found under Accounts > Connected Accounts. You can deactivate any inactive email accounts from this page.

9. Is the Account Blocked?    

Microsoft may temporarily disable an Outlook account. If it detects suspicious activity or for security concerns. You can just go online and check if your Outlook account is still operational. Simply send an activation code to the mobile number and confirm it in Outlook to unblock it.

10. Check the Automatic Refresh option

 Outlook, like any other email server, manually refreshes the folder in the background. If you’re having trouble with why email not received in outlook in Outlook 2016, make sure this option is turned on. But simply enable the automatic refresh option in the Send/ Receive Group settings. You can also adjust the periodicity from this one to a more appropriate time, such as 2-5 minutes.

Outlook Support Phone Number.

Toll-Free Number: +1 800-350-3208

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