ChatBot AI

A chatbot or chatter bot is an application that conducts online conversation through text or text-to-speech. It can process human conversation whether written or spoken and allow us to interact through digital services.  


Landbot is a tool that helps in creating a chatbot or chatter bot on your website. So using this tool you can create complete conversational experiences without any code. It provides you with a visual drag and drop interface that allows you to connect blocks together.


Manychat is a game-changing tool that allows the creation of a chatter bot for Facebook Messenger. So this helps in the marketing of your brand and increases sales. Therefore it helps you to grow your audience by providing tools for marketing.

Flow XO

Flow XO is a powerful automation product. and it allows you to build incredible AI chatter bot solutions. It helps you to communicate with your clients in a convenient way.


Ampilfy is an AI-driven engagement platform that helps its customers to engage in persistent conversations and the tools it offers help in measuring, managing, and optimizing. It provides feature-rich bots so it allows a brand to precisely measure its customers’ sentiments.


Boost offers quality conversational artificial intelligence and the solution they provide makes it simple to develop virtual agents. These agents are powerful and intelligent therefore it has the potential to meet the needs of the business.


An open-source chatbot framework that allows us to build and publish AI-powered chatbots and helps in avoiding problems of many systems.  They are unique because they follow a different approach.


What is a chatbot used for ?

Chatbot or chatter bot is a very useful tool as it has great functionality. Chatbots play an important role in messaging applications. Also, it is convenient for businesses and customers because businesses can scale, personalize and be proactive at the same time and customers can put up their queries.

Is AI chatbot safe?

The most robust and secure systems also have vulnerabilities. So whether chatter bot is secure or not does not have a definitive answer. But there are security protocols that can increase chatter bot security. Authentication and authorization are two main processes for increasing security.

Why do we need AI chatbot?

There are tools oriented towards business and customers that help in creating chatbots. So what is a chatbot used for ? The creation of chatbots acts as a bridge between the business and the customer. The expense of human representatives can be saved using chatbots and it also helps in solving customer queries.


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